A plug-in hybrid electric SUV has become one of Mitsubishi's stars in its first month on the lot in New Zealand.

The Outlander PHEV, which can produce mileage figures under 2L/100km, has been heavily promoted since its launch.

This added up to a stunning 41-vehicle month for the company, making it the best-selling electric vehicle on the market.

Top dealer Andrew Simms says he, like many others in the group, is surprised by how well the plug-in offroader has fared in a very competitive market segment.


"We knew it would go well," he told Driven, "but I don't think any of us thought it would be this good. But it's a price point that's more effective than anything else that's come before it and it does offer a pretty good proposition for urban drivers."

Mitsubishi has revised its sales forecasts for the vehicle to 50 a month, Simms said, with the nameplate still being the company's biggest seller, responsible for up to 200 new registrations a month.

Mitsubishi's preview electric charge leader was the awkwardly-named iMIEV.

"Where that was an electric car, and a fairly early demonstration of the technology at that, The Outlander is an SUV, and a very good one, which happens to get extremely impressive economy. "

See our test of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV here: bit.ly/1iSUVz9.