You probably couldn't get two cars more different than the Porsche 911 and the Citroen DS, but that hasn't stopped the result of some kind of unholy union between the two from looking, well, rather cool we think.

The 911DS is the brainchild of Brandpowder (don't ask us what they are/do - it is far too hard to explain, just head to and prepare to be baffled) and it is quite wonderful.

While clearly a photoshopped rendering - despite the description and other photos at the website suggesting otherwise - the 911DS would be powered by a turbocharged flat-six that makes 194kW. Although we aren't quite sure which end it would sit in, although the exhaust pipe poking out just in front of the rear tyre would suggest that the creative-types think it would be somehow jammed in the 911's nose ...

It is quite silly, completely impractical (in an engineering sense) and utterly brilliant. And you have to admit that whatever it is, it's FAR better looking than a Panamera.


How's this for pimping

Not content with having a fleet of the most mouth-watering super cars on the planet as patrol cars, the Dubai police have now added a pimped-out Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG to its range.

But it is no ''ordinary'' G63, oh no. Being Dubai, an ''ordinary'' G63 is a bit, well, ordinary.

This is a Brabus B63S-700 Widestar.

Unveiled at the Dubai motor show, the B63S-700 sees Brabus replace the two stock AMG turbos with their own units with a larger compressor unit to enable higher boost.

The traditional Brabus gold heat-reflection sheet for the intake and charge-air pipes is also present and correct.

This, along with a number of other Brabus tweaks sees the power and torque of the 5.5-litre V8 leap to a staggering 522kW and 900Nm.

The B63S-700 rides on some subtle 23-inch Brabus Platinum Edition wheels and is just

We are the world
*David Montenegro, a resident of New Hampshire in the US, is fighting for his right to have a personalised plate. Usually state authorities will turn down a plate if they feel it is in poor taste or obscene, but Montenegro argues that his plate was neither of these. His plate: COPSLIE, reflecting Montenegro's belief that cops do indeed lie. Well, whatever. What we at Driven find hard to believe is that anyone would want a number plate that almost guarantees you will be pulled over, again and again ...


*England Under-21 football captain Andre Wisdom managed to sink his Porsche Panamera almost up to its windows in a muddy bog after following the satnav down a narrow,
muddy track while trying to find his own club's stadium. Apparently Wisdom is ''new to the area and doesn't know his way around''. He is also apparently new to the concept of not driving large luxury cars into giant muddy holes in the ground as well.

That's using your head
The Good Oil has a healthy dislike for cyclists' fashion sense - and they have to wear those silly-looking helmets.

Now one of those things is on the way out. Unfortunately it's not lycra, it's the venerable bike helmet.

As part of their university masters thesis, two Swedish women have invented an ''invisible'' bike helmet that does away with the traditional plastic/polystyrene awfulness. It replaces it with a startlingly clever ''collar'' that contains an airbag ''helmet'' that is deployed whenever it senses an accident is imminent.

Thousands of cycling accidents were re-enacted using stunt riders and crash-test dummies to collect the specific movement patterns of cyclists in accidents.

In parallel, an equal amount of normal cycling data was collected using test cyclists wearing the collar in everyday cycling. Based on this collected data, an algorithm was developed that can distinguish normal cycling from accidents.

It won't stop them wearing lycra, but it might save a few of them.

Shish ... that's a pricey pipe

Bugatti must be popular in the Middle East. They've teamed up with Swedish shish pipe-maker Desvall to create a Bugatti-branded pipe. Either that or they sell a lot of cars to really loaded stoners.

In a press release that manages to cram in an impressive number of beyond-belief leaps-of-logic, the highlight has to be the moment it attempts to seamlessly blend Bugatti's
racing heritage, the Veyron and shisha pipes like they actually have anything in common:
''Stemming from Bugatti's venerable racing heritage and the pioneering performance of the Bugatti Veyron, the Bugatti by Desvall is the quintessential modern shisha pipe.'' Yeah? Anyway, the Bugatti by Desvall is made out of titanium and carbon fibre with leather detailing, will set you back US$100,000 ($121,000) and only 150 of them
will be made.

Seriously funny bunch of Ducati posers
Picture /

MotoCorsa, a Ducati dealership in Portland, Oregon, recently did a traditional photoshoot
with a 1199 Panigale and a sexy model.

Nothing unusual about that, you might say. After all, manufacturers and dealerships have been draping hot models over cars and motorbikes for many a year now.

But then MotoCorsa repeated the photos with male members of their staff in the same
poses. And wearing the same clothes. And the results are seriously funny.

Poking the fun at the traditional ''sexy model/hot bike'' cliche, MotoCorsa says it ''had to listen to all the ladies who are sick and tired of bikes with bikini babes''.

If you really want, you can head to and download high resolution versions for a desktop wallpaper.

You may never be able to look at a Ducati quite the same way again.

Number Crunching
820,000 UNITS The number of Porsche 911s made in its 50- year lifespan.
1.5m UNITS The number of Citroen DSs made in its 20-year lifespan.
567 POINTS The amount the Citroen DS scored in voting for the Car of the Century Award in 1999.
303 POINTSThe amount the Porsche 911 scored.