Electric cars star in a show aiming to show their benefits.

An electric vehicle expo this weekend hopes to spark motorists' imagination.

Pure electric vehicles either make sense to your situation - or they don't. Battery range is still the biggest issue for potential buyers, but the technology will eventually iron out all the kinks.

Those who are sitting on the electric fence will get a chance to see what EV ownership is all about, as well as getting a glimpse into what the future could hold, at an electric car show in Auckland this weekend.

It will be the second time that the expo, hosted by the Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles and EV Builders, has been held.


Aside from the Nissan Leaf - one of only two pure electric cars for sale in New Zealand - the expo will also feature a battery-powered machine built by Waikato University students, and a Toyota Sera converted to electric power by EV Builders for a documentary series - the first episode of which will be screened at the show.

Backyard builders will be impressed by the appearance of no fewer than four vehicles that have been given the Kiwi No 8 wire treatment by their owners and now run in full electric mode.

For two-wheel folk, there'll also be a couple of electric scooters and an electric race bike.

But it's the knowledge that is most important - and the event will feature speakers who have become expert in this growing field, by research and study, or by trial and error.

They include APEV boss Rob McEwen, SIM Drive director Hideaki Fukutake, Nick Smith from emotionEV, and Mark Yates, director of Juicepoint, and the owner of the plugged-in Leaf shown above.

The Electric Vehicle Expo takes place today from 10am to 4pm at the Auckland Performing Arts Centre, 100 Motions Rd, Western Springs.