Auckland entrepreneur Eddie Freeman is counting down to his attempt on the New Zealand land speed record.

He aims to run his specially prepared Lamborghini Superleggera past the 348.23km/h businessman and race driver Owen Evans set in a Porsche 911 Turbo in 1996.

The Castrol Trophy run nearly claimed Evans' life when the Porsche speared off the Hauraki Plains road and somersaulted into a paddock.

Freeman is looking at two sites for his record attempt, either Auckland airport or Ohakea air force base.


His Superleggera has spent the past three months being modified in the United States.

Among the changes to the V10 engine are custom pistons and cylinder sleeves, twin turbochargers, new high-speed gear set and a new engine management system.

Freeman believes the car is capable of around 400km/h, almost 100km/h faster than the standard Superleggera.

He says the reworked engine is producing around 1100kW at the rear wheels, enough oomph to touch on 300km/h before running out of room on the home straight at Hampton Downs. "The build is fantastic and the car still retains the qualities of a standard Lamborghini," he said.

"It is running superbly on the track and I can't wait to get out there and have a crack at the record."

Freeman, the founder of lifestyle service FreemanX, says his attempt on the record is very much in line with the philosophies underpinning the company - getting the most out of what life has to offer.

"If this attempt plays a small part in inspiring the next wave of Kiwi ambition, I feel that this is equally as rewarding as the record itself."