Mark Richardson has been called "disgusting" for his treatment of the only all-female team on The Block NZ during the finale on Sunday night.

The host interviewed Chlo and Em just minutes before their house went to auction, and accused them of flirting their way through the competition before suggesting they flirt with buyers to get their sale price up.

He said: "I sort of feel that you guys shouldn't be here. I think you should be in the auction room, charming and flirting with the potential buyers and just squeezing the last dollar.

"You did take that methodology...into The Block. Honestly you, in my opinion, have had The Wolf (site foreman Peter Wolfkamp) wrapped around your little fingers. It certainly worked on him. Not me of course."


Chlo and Em laughed off the digs and played along, but at times did look uncomfortable - more so when Richardson introduced a highlight reel by saying: "Let's have a look at how Chlo and Em skipped and charmed and flirted their way through The Block."

Viewers took to social media to express their "disgust" at Richardson's conduct, calling it "so wrong".

This is not the first time The Block NZ has been accused of sexism.

In an interview with the Woman's Day, Claire and Agni called out the series' "outdated" values, saying it was "a little bit sexist".

The couple received ongoing criticism of their relationship and the fact that on screen, Claire seemed to be doing most of the work while Agni did the shopping.

"It's quite strange because Stu will stay back and Amy will go out shopping every single day, but when it's reversed and Agni wants to go shopping, all of a sudden it's a big deal," said Claire.

Amy and Stu won The Block NZ after selling their house for $1,009,500 and netting the highest profit of $69,500. They also received $100,000 prize money.