8.51am (7.51pm NZT)

- Explosion on underground train around 100 metres from Liverpool Street station. Train was going from Aldgate to Liverpool Street on the circle line.

7 confirmed fatalities.

8.56am (7.56pm NZT) -


Explosion hits train on the Piccadilly deep underground line between King's Cross station and Russell Square.

21 confirmed fatalities.

9.17am (8.17pm NZT) -

Explosion on circle line train going into Edgware Road underground station in the direction of Paddington station. Blew a hole through a wall and hit another train, and possibly a third.

5 confirmed fatalities.

9.47am (8.47pm NZT) -

Explosion rips through a No. 30 double-decker bus near Tavistock Place. Police confirmed there were fatalities but could not yet say how many. Pictures showed the roof of the bus ripped off and witnesses reported seeing body parts in the road.