By Russell Baillie

Hot off the press - or wherever CDS come from - the debut song Tonight from the local telly manufactured group TrueBliss arrived on media desks yesterday.

The names of the Blissgirls, who are the subject of the ongoing documentary Popstars which started on Tuesday night, aren't being made public until next week.

The song penned by Auckland producer Anthony Ioasa is a dancey little number. Its three minutes and 48 seconds comes powered by a tag-team Spice Girls-like vocal, a harmony-laden chorus (actually it's just about all chorus) and an uplifting key change or two.

Oh, and lyrics that pledge eternal love to some lucky chap (..."until you end of time I am in love with you") and a choral promise to cement the relationship in the nicest possible way (..."tonight's the night we make love to the end...").

The On Show verdict: a curiously instantly familiar, 80s disco-gone-90s, would-work-at-the-Hero Parade, no-brainer that's possibly better than the Shortland St theme.

In other words, a surefire hit.