A coral cut rather than a cockroach has emerged as the likely cause of Lana Coc-Kroft's becoming dangerously ill during the filming of Celebrity Treasure Island.

Last night's crucial episode showed Coc-Kroft at the start of the illness that almost killed her, but made no reference to cockroaches the contestants were rumoured to have eaten for a team challenge.

She complained of fatigue and sore legs and said she had taken "a hunk of meat" out of her foot on coral five days earlier.

It would not heal and she was exhausted.

The first major symptoms of the illness, a form of toxic shock syndrome, came when Coc-Kroft complained of dizziness, then sensitivity to light and a headache.

After resting and drinking two bottles of water, the team captain decided to continue with the game that day.

But her condition was much worse the next morning. She remained bedridden, her eyes covered by a T-shirt.

"I've got to get rid of this headache. It's the worst headache I've ever had, like the worst hangover. "

Even her eyeballs were aching.

Coc-Kroft ended up in Auckland City Hospital in April after being flown from Fiji, where the show was filmed.

She was in critical condition for days but doctors eventually diagnosed an illness labelled Group A streptococcal toxic shock syndrome.