This entertaining novel about an engaging, but gullible, 13-year-old girl is sure to be a big hit with fans of Jacqueline Wilson and Meg Cabot.

Lily loves writing in her diary and she has plans to become a writer. However, she is not looking forward to the summer holiday.

Her best friend has gone to Young Executive Camp and she is left at home with her annoying, "uncool" parents.

Then, at a family wedding, Lily meets some glamorous and adventurous relatives. What's more, they think she is interesting, too. But eventually Lily discovers that they are not what they seem.


This novel is both funny and thought-provoking as Lily slowly discovers that looks can be deceptive, and that maybe her parents are wiser than she thought.

Publisher: Puffin

Price: $14.99

Age: 10 plus

Recommended by: Dorothy Vinicombe