(Herald rating: * * * *)

Anyone coming to this beautifully filmed tribute knowing Harrison only as a former Beatle might be baffled.

It opens with an Indian music section, after the intermission various Monty Pythons come on for the bawdy Sit On My Face and the Lumberjack Song, then friends such as Eric Clapton, Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty and the remaining ex-Beatles Ringo and Macca play Harrisongs, which run from jangle-rock (If I Needed Someone) through edgy pop (Taxman), blues (Old Brown Shoe), ballads (Something) and the inspirational (My Sweet Lord).

The second disc is a cinema version of the same show with a different running order with backstage footage and interviews.

Superb camera work and sound, Harrison's son Dhani (an uncanny lookalike of his dad), and the love filling the Albert Hall make this a sensitive reminder of a man whose singular life and music is distilled here. Moving.

Label: Warners