New Zealand broadcasting legend and music aficionado Dylan Taite died in his Auckland home last night.

Taite, who joined Television New Zealand in 1970, had recently been working as a producer for current affairs show Sunday.

He is survived by his wife, Jacqui, and three adult children, John and twins Stephen and Paul.


TVNZ spokeswoman Diana Schnauer said Taite had reportedly told his family he felt unwell yesterday afternoon.

He later slipped into a coma and died in his family home last night.

Ms Schnauer could not confirm Taite's age.

"He was an extremely private person and always wanted to maintain his youth, so we probably won't release his age when we do find out."

She said most TV viewers would remember Taite for his interviews with visiting bands and musicians.

"He was a great talent who will be sorely missed here at TVNZ," Ms Schnauer said.

"Sunday will be playing his last interview with musician Moby this weekend."

During the 1970s Taite got a rare interview with Bob Marley. A "soccer freak" himself, Taite secured the interview during a game of soccer with the reggae legend.


Taite spent a brief period working for TV3 in the 1990s before returning to TVNZ. His long straight hair and easy interview style was easily recognisable.

Ms Schnauer said she understood Taite had been hurt in a car accident last month, but was unsure if that was related to his death.