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"I've been jinxed!" she wailed. Scattering the scones, she leaped into the tree and back over the wall.

"And don't come back!" yelled the magician, twiddling his twiddlers.

Jinkie's new long quizzybeak threw her off balance at first. She stumbled and staggered down Snapper Street until, suddenly she stopped to sniff. She sniffed again. Slowly, the corners of her mouth curled up under the quizzybeak in a great big smile, for Jinkie could smell a thousand different smells coming from every house in Snapper Street.

"Oh, bliss! With a nose like this I can sniff out everything that's happening in Snapper Street," cried Jinkie, jumping for joy over her own nose.

Publisher: Shortland

Price: $8.95

Age group: 9-10 years

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