In its 10 years on screen, Shortland Street has sent a fair few of its cast to the altar — and many never survived the experience. Here are some of the soap's more memorable nuptials.

* Chris Warner and Alison Rayner were set to marry in 1993 after an earlier false start. But the villainous Darryl Neilson drugged Chris on the eve of the wedding and locked him in a barn. Distraught at being left at the altar, Alison left the country ...

* The big wedding of 1993 was Gina Rossi and Leonard Dodds. It went off in great Italian/New Zealand style without a hitch and they lived happily ever after — though they had to leave the show for their marriage to survive and returned for a cameo appearance at Kirsty and Lionel's wedding.

* Lionel Skeggins and Kirsty Knight's wedding was one of the most memorable of the early years. Darryl Neilson (not again!) did his best to stop them getting to the church, leading Lionel to believe that Kirsty was in love with Stuart Neilson. It looked like Darryl had been foiled until Stuart turned up to interrupt the wedding vows and declare his love for Kirsty. Lionel stormed out of the church, but was reunited with Kirsty and they were married on the deck of the Toroa with Gina and Leonard in attendance. Awww ...

* Nick Harrison and Rachel McKenna made a marriage of convenience so that they'd be eligible for Student Allowances. Few friends were in attendance, but the media came in droves. The wedding didn't help Nick's relationship with — now fiance — Waverley Wilson.

* Rangi Heremia and Donna Heka were married at a surprise outdoor wedding by a waterfall. They were taken there under false pretences and surprised with a marriage celebrant. After a traumatic start to what looked like an incestuous relationship (they discovered they were brother and sister, only to find out later that it wasn't true) they deserved some happiness ... although, of course, it was short-lived.

* Nick's mum Jenny Harrison married the dastardly Ian ... despite Kirsty's best attempts to stop the wedding. Kirsty had uncovered Ian's murderous plans and ran frantically through the registry office trying and failing to find the right wedding to stop!

* Unlikely couple Waverley Wilson and Fergus Kearney made it to the altar last year but before they could exchange vows, the police interrupted the wedding and bad boy Fergus fled for his liberty leaving Wave abandoned. Alone in the empty church later that day, Nick and Angela (who was terminally ill) pledged their love to each other.

* Johnny and Tiffany's wedding did happen, even after Tiffany's dad hired a prostitute to tempt Johnny the night before the wedding. The wedding was also notable for a stand-up row between Ellen and Minnie Crozier, Johnny's ex and step-daughter.

* Chris and Samara almost married last year, but Rachel McKenna (secretly nursing feelings for Chris) discovered in the nick of time that Samara was a fake. Rachel stopped the wedding on the day itself — Chris discovered Rachel and Samara wrestling on the floor of his apartment.