Breathe, Don't Stop the Revolution (Columbia): A single and title track from the Wellington band's imminent second album is a big shiny pop-rock number reminiscent of Crowded House's more U2-ish moments with its wind-in-the-face chorus but head-scratching lyrics: "We won't stop the revolution if we all keep dancing" it offers as its main hook. Not quite the full barricade-stormer, but impresively big and shiny.

Herald rating: * * *

Nicolette, Harden Up (Universal): Nicolette is a rare solo member of the gorwing local girlpop squad and her latest single is a fairly infectious 80s-gone-oos bit of tough-talkin' electropop. That title might be taken as something of a double entendre (and is that the bassline from Tone Loc's Wild Thing?), but Nicolette invests it all with a lippy attitude from reminds of Madonna from the good ol' days.

Herald rating: * *

Tadpole, Alright (EMI): In their way to a debut album, Tadpole's latest offering pits down-tuned guitar grunt, turntable scratching, dancebeat and strident vocals into a rock radio/ moshpit-friendly whole. But as a song it's less than the sum-of-parts and doesn't have much to remember it by.

Herald rating: * *