A US woman has found a solution for a problem that plagues kitchens around the world - what to do with your stained plastic containers.

The stubborn orange stains can be bafflingly hard to shift but a simple solution sees them disappear in seconds.

Adi Kempler shared her technique on TikTok and reveal the common household item that makes all the difference.

First Kempler adds some dishwashing liquid to the stained container, but after that the magic happens.

Paper towels are added. Photo / @adikempler
Paper towels are added. Photo / @adikempler

She adds several pieces of torn-up paper towel to the container, puts the lid on and shakes vigorously.

Tipping out the soapy water (being careful not to let the paper go down the drain) the container is seen sparkling clean.

The container comes out sparkling clean. Photo / @adikempler
The container comes out sparkling clean. Photo / @adikempler

"I never post on here but I really wanted to share this trick for getting greasy stains out of Tupperware," Kempler wrote

"This hack has saved so many of my Tupperware friends. Try it!!!!"

The video has now been seen 3.5m times and fans were grateful to Kempler for sharing the hack.

"This works, I've done it numerous times," said one.

Another said the tip "might've just changed my life".

TikTok has become a popular platform for domestic innovators to share their cleaning hacks, with another US woman's technique for keeping her shower clean going viral.


US mum and influencer Jeannie @alittleaboutalot shared how she keeps her shower clean by always having a dish scrubber with a soap dispenser on her shelf unit along with her toiletries.

"I wanted to show you guys a shower and bath hack that I actually shared on YouTube probably like 10 years ago - have one of these in each of our showers and baths," Jeannie shared in a TikTok video that has since been viewed more than 365,000 times.

"I leave it right in here and after I'm done taking a shower I clean the shower, so there's no deep-cleaning shower days."

Jeannie fills the brush's soap dispenser up with half vinegar and half dishwashing detergent and runs it over the shower or bath, then rinses it off.

She said the hack "makes cleaning easier because it never get super dirty" and she even gets her kids to do it.

"I have it in the kids' bathroom too and after they take a bath the older ones will just do a quick scrubby-scrub and it keeps the bath clean too," Jeannie explained.


Jeannie's shower tip got hundreds of comments from people praising the hack as a "great idea" and "genius".

-Additional reporting, NZ Herald