For an area of the house that you spend getting clean in, the shower sure can get dirty if you don't stay on top of it.

Soap scum and other hard-to-get-rid-of nasties only get more set in over time and it's not exactly fun times if you have to crawl around on your hands and knees in the shower (always in socks too, why?) scrubbing away.

Thankfully one mum has shared her solution to this problem – and claims it will save you from having to deep clean or scrub your shower ever again.

US mum and influencer Jeannie @alittleaboutalot shared how she keeps her shower clean by always having a dish scrubber with a soap dispenser on her shelf unit along with her toiletries.


"I wanted to show you guys a shower and bath hack that I actually shared on YouTube probably like 10 years ago - have one of these in each of our showers and baths," Jeannie shared in a TikTok video that has since been viewed more than 365,000 times.

Using the brush after every shower meant she never had to deep clean. Photo / Supplied
Using the brush after every shower meant she never had to deep clean. Photo / Supplied

"I leave it right in here and after I'm done taking a shower I clean the shower, so there's no deep-cleaning shower days."

Jeannie fills the brush's soap dispenser up with half vinegar and half dishwashing detergent and runs it over the shower or bath, then rinses it off.

She said the hack "makes cleaning easier because it never get super dirty" and she even gets her kids to do it.

"I have it in the kids' bathroom too and after they take a bath the older ones will just do a quick scrubby-scrub and it keeps the bath clean too," Jeannie explained.

Jeannie's shower tip got hundreds of comments from people praising the hack as a "great idea" and "genius".

"Whoa! Game changer! Thanks!" one person wrote, while another added: "This is so smart."

Others said they had been using this shower trick for years and it had drastically cut down on their cleaning time.


"My mum saw your YouTube video however many years ago and she still keeps this cleaning hack in her shower to this day," one person commented.

"I learn so much on TikTok."

"Yes! This works fantastic. I do this exact same thing! I never deep clean the showers no need, it stays the same," another wrote.