An Irish pub in Spain has "banned" Neil Diamond's classic hit "Sweet Caroline", at least while the pandemic lasts.

A board placed on the pub warns patrons there'll be no "touching hands, reaching out, touching me, touching you".

Linda Murphys

Posted by Linda Carroll on Friday, 31 July 2020

The 1969 song lyrics actively promote touching, which is discouraged in the "new normal", in the age of Covid-19.

While the board is likely to be a joke, singing along to songs in pubs is not recommended in countries where the virus is present.


Since the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced evidence that the novel coronavirus can spread by tiny particles of moisture that can hang in the area in enclosed spaces, the pub decided to be extra careful and discourage any singalongs.

Some people believe singing means more droplets get released as the volume of the human voice tends to increase when they break into song.

Sweet Caroline, a favourite in pubs and karaoke bars around the globe, could potentially put bar patrons at risk due to its popularity, as people tend to get together to sing along to the song whenever it plays in a public venue.