Karen isn't just a name anymore, it's become a pretty divisive term on the internet - and now the "Good Karens" are fighting back.

Karen Hayes, the CEO of Guide Dogs Victoria, has called on the "good Karens" to stand up to Australia and reclaim the name.

The term Karen has blown up on social media and is generally used to describe a middle-aged white woman who is either overly entitled, demanding, or, which is more the case these days, someone refusing to obey coronavirus restrictions.

But as Hayes put it in her light-hearted video, "I'm here to reclaim the name Karen".


"I wear my mask to protect others and help Australia get back to work soon," Hayes said.

"On behalf of all the Karens who do the right thing during this pandemic ... and the ones who don't carry on at Bunnings.

"I know there are good Karens out there and it's time we come together and show the world that it's #NotAllKarens."

The State of Victoria recorded 384 new coronavirus cases and six new deaths in the past 24 hours, after a record number of cases was announced on Monday. NSW recorded 14 new cases on Tuesday.