It's become a popular opinion on the internet that Coriander is the worst thing in the world for its sometimes soapy flavour.

Now one of the most popular cracker companies has teased the idea of a new flavour.

Taking to Facebook, Arnott's shared a post of the new coriander flavour, presumably to test the waters on what the world thinks ...

And it was probably what they were expecting: bad.


"This one might be a bit divisive …" they wrote.

"Tag a mate who would eat a whole box of these bad boys to themselves!"

It's safe to say there was some mild (heavy) pushback.

"Hmmm soap flavoured, they would make a great pallet [palate] cleanser," one said.

Another added: "What's next, poo on toast with wee sauce?"

A third said: "If 2020 had a flavour, it would be these."

But not all were against the idea.

This one might be a bit divisive… Tag a mate who would eat a whole box of these bad boys to themselves! #Coriander #Shapes #ThereIsNoSubstitute #DontWorryWeAreNotActuallyMakingThese

Posted by Arnott's Biscuits on Sunday, 12 July 2020

A number of people said the Coriander Shapes would match well with other food choices.


"They may be nice soaking up excess sauce in a butter chicken dish," one keen punter suggested.

The company finished the post with #DontWorryWeAreNotActuallyMakingThese - so we can safely assume that the flavour won't be hitting shelves any time soon ... but who knows ...