A homeowner has been slammed for stocking up on, and even flaunting, huge amounts of toilet paper.

Supermarkets were forced to reintroduce limits of loo roll when new Covid-19 cases began taking off in Melbourne, and still have them in place in Victoria.

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However, the image that has so riled Reddit reportedly shows toilet paper hoarding in New South Wales, not Victoria.


In the snap an expensive Mercedes coupe can be seen in a garage parked alongside enormous amounts of Quilton loo paper.

The packs are stacked at least eight high and reach well into the garage along the entire length of the Mercedes C63S, which retails for north of A$150,000. Hundreds of individual rolls would be stored.

The caption the photo simply said: "Don't be like this w***er!".

A NSW homeowner has been slammed for seemingly hoarding toilet roll. Photo / Reddit
A NSW homeowner has been slammed for seemingly hoarding toilet roll. Photo / Reddit

The household came in for some fierce criticism on the website.

"This goes towards my theory that the wealthiest are the most selfish humans alive," said one.

"Anyone who thinks that they need that much toilet paper is probably full of crap."

Another said it was a "stupid act of selfish consumerism".

However, others were willing to give the Quilton preppers the benefit of the doubt.


"People who simply maintain a healthy stockpile aren't the problem, it's the people that go out of their way to drastically increase their purchases that are the problem.

"Everybody should have a buffer of all basic supplies. Don't buy them all at once but buy one extra every time you do the groceries".

Some pointed out that no one knew the circumstances of why they had so much toilet paper and they might even own a shop that sells the product.

It's not the first time someone has been shamed for buying what appears to be too much toilet paper.

A video did the rounds earlier this month of a group of Sydney tradies stumbling across a massive pile of toilet paper in Macquarie Fields in the city's southwest and then accusing the owner, Celia Deng, of hoarding the rolls.

Footage was shared by one of them on Facebook and racked up more than a million views, with many people in the comments slamming Deng, accusing her of stripping shelves.


The only problem was none of it was true, with Deng instead purchasing the toilet paper from a supplier in China for her two convenience stores – something she vows she will never do again as a result of the furore over the viral video.

The businesswoman told news.com.au the whole ordeal was a "nightmare" and has urged people to think twice before jumping to conclusions when they see something on social media.

Deng said she would make very little profit from selling the toilet paper and had only bought it so her elderly customers would not have to struggle to find it.