Most foreigners know the dangers native animals can pose, but it turns out there's one hazard that many are completely unaware of until they move Downunder: Kmart.

At least that's according to British woman Jordana Grace, who has created a TikTok to warn about the dangers of the budget store.

In it, the comedy writer explains the discount department store poses a real risk of doing damage to your bank account – and it turns out lots of people agree with her.

In a piece titled "things they should tell you before you move to Australia", Grace revealed she had been unaware of Kmart until she arrived.


"They warn you about the spiders and the snakes and the blistering heat, but what they don't prepare you for [is] Kmart," she said.

Grace then filmed herself going to shop at Kmart to 50 Cent's song Candy Shop, with the comedian looking lovingly around the store.

She changed the song's lyrics to: "I take you to the Kmart shop, we're going to buy lots and lots. Do I even need this stuff? My bank account keeps screaming no."

The video soon attracted hundreds of comments and more than 200,000 views. One person told Grace she was an "official Aussie" if she was addicted to Kmart.

"They never told me about Kmart before I moved here from England. My bank account hurts," one person wrote, while another added: "Kmart has clothed and furnished 98 per cent of Oz."

The danger of Kmart lies in the fact that we usually walk out with a lot of stuff we didn't actually need. Photo / Supplied
The danger of Kmart lies in the fact that we usually walk out with a lot of stuff we didn't actually need. Photo / Supplied

Another person shared an ancient Australian proverb, commenting: "You don't go to Kmart knowing what you want, you got to Kmart and let Kmart tell you what you want."

"I went into a Kmart once for a belt. I walked out with the belt, two pairs of shoes and three shirts," another comment read.

It's not the only TikTok video dedicated to Kmart.


Last month Kmart worker Georgia Cooke's video went viral after she spilled three shopping "secrets" that she claimed would get you the best discounts.

"We give a 20 per cent [discount] or more if something is damaged, just ask," Cooke said in the video.

She also said that "half the workers don't know where stuff is" and it was "hard" to keep track as she works on the register.

Cooke also counselled shoppers to be polite to staff or else they would face the consequences.

"If you ask if something is out of stock we will say yes if you're rude and arrogant," she claims. "So be nice."

But in the comments one woman disputed her discount claims and said that she was only given 5 per cent for her damaged goods.


"All Kmarts are different for damaged items, that's what we do with ours. It's more if you accidentally bring a damaged item up and you still want it, you can ask for a discount," she replied.