A Swedish fitness star was so determined to keep training that she worked out in her birthing suite while in labour.

Yanyah Milutinovic, 34, a personal trainer, who lives in New York, shared a video with her more than 300,000 social media followers carrying out squats and tricep dips while in her hospital gown.

At the time, she was 41 weeks pregnant and in active labour.

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A few hours later she gave birth to her daughter Smilljana on November, 8, 2017.

"I pushed my baby out in four pushes and in less than 10 minutes," Milutinovic said in a recent Instagram post.

Being active for most of her life, Milutinovic then decided to go against the doctor's advice and head back to the gym just three weeks after giving birth.

She also continued to exercise throughout her pregnancy, but admittedly, she said it is not for everyone, unless given the all-clear from your doctor.

But for her, she said she was aware of what she could manage.

"It was fine and both me and Smijla are healthy," she told the Sun.

"I had terrible morning sickness and would be at the gym, lifting, go to the toilet to throw up and then go back to exercise."

The mother-of-one said it was the only way to make her feel better.


However, her posts have been met with a lot of shock and disbelief and while many described her labour workout as "inspirational" "warrior-like" and "amazing", others labelled it as "nuts".

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But Milutinovic said the comments don't faze her, as women are mostly supportive and it's men that do most of the trolling.

"They tell me off for exercising when pregnant and act like they know my body better than me," she told the publication.

Following her experience, the 34-year-old went on create a fitness app that helps guide pregnant women with their workouts and new mothers in the recovery after birth.

"In the not-so-distant past, women were urged to cut down on or even avoid exercise during pregnancy," she wrote in a recent Instagram post.

"Today, we know differently. Not only is it OK to participate in fitness activities during pregnancy, but doing so can have a positive impact on both baby and mum."


She stressed this should only be done as long as it was fine by your doctor.

Milutinovic's love for fitness began at 10 when she started karate and became The Open World Cup champion at 15.

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She now boasts one of the most athletic backgrounds with a focus on martial arts style striking, endurance training, body modification, power lifting, callisthenics, plyometrics and mind body connection targeted workouts.

She is also a fitness model who recently signed to the world's leading modelling agency, Wilhelmina.

However, the 34-year-old who trains six days a week, will tell you to have the body she has, it comes with a lot of dedication and sacrifice.

She puts the gym over social events explaining peoples' bodies are fundamentally the same, but the "difference is what we prioritise".


With most of her life spent at the gym, it is where Milutinovic met her now partner Risel Martinez, 30, and father of her child – she fell pregnant two months after meeting him.

Prior to meeting Risel, the fitness model was in abusive relationship for six years describing the aftermath as a "low point" in her life after mixing with the wrong crowd and making unhealthy lifestyle choices.

"One day I woke up and I looked at myself and realised I needed to change," she told the Sun.

Milutinovic said exercise had improved her life hugely, leading to her relationship with Risel and her daughter, adding she has never been happier.