Shoppers have taken aim at a number of faux leather ASOS dresses, comparing the garments to "bin bags".

A $30 shiny black one-shoulder mini dress, along with several others donning similar material, were shared on Instagram account "asbos_sos".

The account is dedicated to sharing – and mocking – a number of items sold by the popular online e-tailer.

Its most recent post shared a series of snaps captioned: "Stay Alert, it's Bin Day."


The photos showed a series of six men and women's black faux leather outfits, sparking a savage roasting from its 37,000 Instagram followers as well as on Facebook.

"Pity they ran out bin bags before they finished that one armed monstrosity," one person joked.

"I don't know why anyone would choose to wear these articles but each to their own," another said.

Some were genuinely shocked by the designs asking, "what were they thinking when they created these monstrosities?"

"Do people actually BUY things like this???" another asked.

Others took particular notice to the several hashtags which included "#blameitonthebinjuice".

"Omg the hashtags, I'm creased," one person laughed.

"Haha love the tags," another said.


Amused by the timing of the post, one person wrote: "Ooh thanks for the reminder, it's literally tonight!!"

The account has teased ASOS for its "bin bag" style garments in the past, leading one person to question if the brand was doing it "on purpose?"

Also in the selection of mocked styles was a $42 Saint Genies bandeau faux leather dress in black and button-up long-sleeve dress.

"A bit late, bin day was yesterday. Still funny, though!" the comments continued.

It's not the first time the retail giant has been mocked for its bizarre designs.

Last year, a figure-hugging off-shoulder midi also caught the attention of online users who also compared it to a "bin bag".


Posting on Twitter, one baffled fan said: "Aint being funny but who the f*** would order this from Asos???"

Others also took to the social media platform after an ad for the dress popped up in their feed as an advertisement.

"Why on earth has Asos recognised this as something I might like?" one woman asked, while another added, "I'm more astonished at the fact they are selling some sort of thick bin bag / BDSM dress for £26."

Online retailers Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing have copped similar criticism for fashion fails, including over-the-top "underboob" bikinis. Shoppers were happy to call skimpy items "ridiculous" and lashed other bikinis as only being good for lounging by the pool.