A man suspected of having Covid-19 has died after family members allegedly unplugged their loved one's ventilator in a tragic error.

The 40-year-old man from India was admitted to the intensive care unit of Maharao Bhim Singh Hospital in Kota, Rajasthan in India, on June 13, The Indian Express reported.

He was placed in isolation two days later after another patient in intensive care tested positive for Covid-19.

Family were eventually allowed in to see their sick family member, bringing an air cooler with them due to high temperatures.


But tragedy unfolded when they mistakenly unplugged the man's ventilator so they could use the air cooler.

The man's ventilator then ran out of power 30 minutes later.

The family alerted medical staff who performed CPR, however it was not enough to save the man.

Hospital superintendent Dr Naveen Saxena said they will be investigating the incident surrounding the patient's death.

The doctor said action would be taken against whoever is found responsible in the probe report.

The family members allegedly did not seek permission to plug in the cooler and when the patient died, they "misbehaved" with the medical staff and the resident doctor on duty, the hospital authorities said.