Sometimes you come across things on the internet so unbelievably tone deaf it's hard to believe anyone would ever think it would be a good idea.

That's exactly what has happened when a photo of a bride standing next to a "Bride Lives Matter" sign was shared to Reddit.

Posting on the website's Wedding Shaming subreddit, Reddit user @u/funnygal1224 shared a photo of a white woman wearing a bridal dress and posing under an outdoor tent which had the sign "Bride Lives Matter" written on love hearts.

The sign references the Black Lives Matter movement against police brutality and racism towards people of colour.


The movement has gained worldwide prominence since the killing of George Floyd at the hands of police last month.

Safe to say people weren't impressed by the photo, with one person writing: "I think this very well may be the worst thing I've ever seen on this sub."

The photo is so tone deaf it's hard to believe someone would actually do this. Photo / Reddit
The photo is so tone deaf it's hard to believe someone would actually do this. Photo / Reddit

It was slammed as "tone deaf" and "extremely self-centred", with people not only blaming the bride for the set-up.

Another said they "don't want to live in the same world" as the people who designed and set up the sign and "thought this was a good idea".

"Not tone deaf. Racist," one person commented, while another sarcastically added: "Way to read the room. Not like anyone could possibly perceive this as offensive right now."

Others said that they hoped the photo was simply photoshopped as they didn't want to believe a bride could be that insensitive.

"I'm hoping it's just photoshopped....... right? That's the most reasonable explanation??" one person suggested.

"This can't be for real. How could anyone, anywhere, possibly think that this was in any way, shape or form appropriate????" another wrote.



It's not the only insensitive post that's emerged out of the Black Lives Movement.

Earlier this month footage of Russian-born Kris Schatzel went viral after Twitter account Influencers In The Wild posted video of her posing at a Los Angeles protest.

The video showed Schatzel dressed in a sheer black dress stepping into the middle of a group of protesters to pose with a Black Lives Matter sign for photos.

The reaction to the video was swift, with the post captioned: "Stop treating the protests like Coachella pt 17."

Schatzel responded to the controversy by sharing a photo from the protest and a lengthy apology, in which she admitted the backlash she had received was "overwhelming".


She also said that she had the "biggest empathy" for George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement.

"I can also understand that I may have not chosen the best avenue to spread the message by doing a photo-shoot after the peaceful protest and I take full responsibility for that," Schatzel wrote.

However, the influencer slammed those who had taken her to task about posing for the photos as Schatzel argued she had only been trying to spread awareness.

"I truly believe this level on (sic) intolerance and hateful comments are detrimental to the movement and what we are all trying to achieve for black and brown communities," Schatzel wrote.