A rumour about a hybrid chocolate bar is causing a stir online, with many desperate to know if the whispers are "real".

Multiple posts have appeared on Facebook about a Caramilk Hokey Pokey bar – a mix of the cult Cadbury block and hokey pokey.

Despite a convincing photo of the rumoured new choccy being shared, doubts have been cast over its authenticity – causing some to bombard Cadbury for confirmation the creation is legit.

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"Someone sent me this photo today and then followed that with, can't buy it in Australia ... I can't even find it online in NZ!!?? It came from someone who works at Cadbury's ... #findthehokeypokey" a post in Caramilk Addicts Club read.

The chocolate block features the familiar Caramilk design but this time has a "Special Edition" strap across the top.

Instead of a plain square of the caramel and white chocolate hybrid, it has chunks of crispy honeycomb inside, which spill out onto the swirl design of the packaging.

"A golden blend of caramelised white chocolate and golden hokey pokey pieces," the confectionery description reads.

Another snap of the rumoured chocolate block was shared in the Aussie As Facebook group where it received hundreds of comments – many of which raised suspicions over the photo.

Cadbury fans are hoping this rumoured new flavour is real. Photo / Facebook
Cadbury fans are hoping this rumoured new flavour is real. Photo / Facebook

"I think this is photoshopped," one said.

"There's something suspicious about the packaging," another agreed.

However, many turned detective in a bid to prove the new Cadbury flavour was authentic.


"Can you send me a photo of the barcode? I'll look it up on work systems tomorrow," one said, adding he could "tell its AU packaging because of the recycle bit on the back".

"I messaged Cadbury about it now I'm just wanting to see if they reply," another said.

Not long after, a screenshot of a message from Cadbury responding to an excited chocolate lover was shared, that cryptically read: "We can't confirm or deny but Hokey Pokey Caramilk does sound amazing!"

News.com.au contacted Cadbury Australia for a definitive answer on whether the block was about to hit shelves.

Despite the uncertain future of Caramilk Hokey Pokey, many have allowed themselves to get excited by the tasty-sounding prospect, declaring it the "best thing to come out of 2020".

"This is next level goodness," one wrote.


"Shut up and take my money," another said.

Last year, Cadbury teased Caramilk fans in a similar way when a photo of a Twirl edition of the caramelised white chocolate bar was leaked online. Sure enough, the chocolate is now on sale across Australia.

Earlier this year the brand did the same with the comeback of its Marble bar, remaining tight-lipped until the last minute.