"Separate" is the most misspelled word on Google, according to data that analysed searches from around the world in the past year.

The most common misspelling of the word is "seperate" which was searched 92,000 times in the past month alone.

"Zucchini" is the second most misspelled word, with "zuchini" being the most common misspelling.

"Questionnaire" is often misspelled as "questionaire" and "potato", perhaps surprisingly, is the fourth most misspelled word, often searched for with an extra "e" at the end.


The full list of the most misspelled words on Google searches is:

1. Separate
2. Zucchini
3. Questionnaire
4. Potato
5. Diarrhoea
6. Definitely
7. Embarrass
8. Conscience
9. Unnecessary
10. Bureaucracy
11. Manoeuvre

In the case of the word "conscience", the most common misspelling is by people getting confused about the "sc" sequence.

Words like "bureaucracy" and "manoeuvre" are tricky because of the longer-than-normal sequences of vowels in the middle of the word.

The research was done by UK firm The Knowledge Academy.