Have you got a lovesick teen moping about the house because it's been three weeks since they've seen their school crush in the flesh?

As the Government considers moving current alert levels from 4 to 3, what might this mean for the forlorn young Romeo or Juliet in your household?

While some parents may have relished the fact their child has been forced to spend quality time with them and not their SO, others may have questioned the harm in a quick visit between the sweethearts.

During alert level 4, it's been made clear that a quick game of tonsil hockey over the fence is out of the question. But what about a walk around the block together? Or maybe a love letter and heartfelt mixtape dropped in the mailbox?


Level 4

During alert level 4 New Zealanders not in essential services - sorry, young love is not considered an essential - are of course being asked to stay at home and interact with those only in their bubble.

So going for a walk with a boyfriend or girlfriend not living with you is sadly out of the question, too.

"We are asking that you only spend time with those you are in self isolation with," Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said.

However, if you have some stamps on hand, a love letter and Usher's Confessions album popped in the post is acceptable as New Zealand Post is an essential service.

Level 3

Ardern announced yesterday during her press conference that New Zealanders can expand their bubble if the alert level goes down to level 3.

So how will this change things for your teen? It looks like there may be a glimmer of hope on the horizon for young love.

"If you have a caregiver that you need in your life, children who might be in a shared care arrangement, a de facto partner who is caring for others, or you're a single person who wants the company of a sibling, for example, you can extend your bubble," she said.

That means New Zealanders can go and see their partner, even if they live in a different home.


However, it's more important than ever to make sure that the person you are dating knows that things are exclusive, and they aren't extending their bubbles further than you.

A spokesperson clarified to AAP that New Zealanders need to remain exclusive to one person and the interaction needs to be local and small.

The spokesperson added that it's "bad news for the polyamorous and promiscuous".

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