As New Zealand enters its second week of the alert level 4 lockdown, Kiwis have shared the things they have been up to on social media.

Using the video-sharing platform TikTok, Kiwis are showing off their dance routines and coming up with challenges or creative memes.

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Rugby ball trick-shot challenge

Well-known rugby player Carlos Spencer features in his son's TikTok video.


The footage shows Payton and his dad trying to get a rugby ball into a basketball hoop from a fair distance.

By day 3, they decided to mix it up by drop-kicking the ball in the hoop.

Isolation party in Wellington

Students in Wellington have found a creative way to stay entertained during New Zealand's four-week lock-in by creating an "isolation party" in the Massey University halls of residence. The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website

Louis Davis shared video of the students dancing outside their rooms two metres apart, or through their windows, in a video that has had over 360,000 views.

Davis told TVNZ the routine was to keep up morale in trying times, and also to celebrate a residential assistant's birthday.

Maori flash-card challenge

Popular New Zealand TikTok creators, Judaxx & Nixon, have shared a Maori flashcard challenge they have been doing to keep themselves busy during isolation.

They are each given a word in English and have to provide the Te Reo translation within five seconds or get hit by a nerf gun.


Hiding tactics during self-isolation

Some Kiwis have shown ways they have been "hiding" from police during the lockdown.

Keep in mind that these New Zealander are not breaking the restrictions and are just making video memes to get people laughing.


Lookalike challenge

Comedian Melanie Bracewell decided to make herself look like our Prime Minister.

After doing her makeup, hair and dressing like Jacinda Ardern, she looks unbelievably like the woman who has been leading New Zealand.

Police dance challenge

Last week, New Zealand police - who have continued working during the lockdown - took a well-needed break to show off their dance moves.

People on Facebook and Twitter have also shared challenges they have come with up.

The toilet paper challenge

NZ born Samoan, Jessica Slade, shared a video of what looks like family members in Samoa, NZ, Australia and USA chucking toilet paper to one another.

The self-isolated 'East Coast wave'

New Zealand rugby league player Jordan Kahu shared a video of him and other players and other famous Kiwis doing the "East Coast wave" to each other.

The "wave" consists of lifting your head up and raising your eyebrows.

"Stay connected. During these times it's more important then ever," Kahu wrote.

"Please reach out to your family, friends, work colleagues and whoever you think you might need to.

"Stay home, stay connected, stay active and stay meke.

"Chur to the boys who sent through videos! Don't know if there will be much oxygen left after a few of those."

The following Kiwi stars feature in the video:

• Ardie Savea (All Black star)
• Adam Blair (Kiwis and Warriors)
• Stan Walker (Kiwi singer)
• Dallin Watene-Zelezniak(Kiwi NRL player)
• Israel Dagg (Former All Black)
• Lima Sopoaga (Former All Black)
• Shaun Johnson (Kiwi NRL player)
• TJ Perenara (All Black)
• Benji Marshall (Kiwi NRL player)
• SBW (Former All Black and NRL)
• Nehe Milner-Skudder (Former All Black)
• Jordan Rapana (Kiwi league player)

STAY CONNECTED. During these times it’s more important then ever 👏🏽Please reach out to your family, friends, work colleagues and whoever you think you might need to. STAY home STAY connected STAY active and STAY meke. Chur to the boys who sent through videos! Don’t know if there will be much oxygen left after a few of those 😂👃🏽

Posted by Jordan Kahu on Monday, 30 March 2020