Students in Wellington have found a creative way to stay entertained during New Zealand's four-week lock-in by creating an 'isolation party' in the Massey University halls of residence.

Louis Davis shared video of the students dancing outside their rooms two metres apart, or through their windows, in a video on social media platform Tik Tok which has had over 360,000 views.

Davis told TVNZ the routine was to keep up morale in trying times, and also to celebrate a residential assistant's birthday.

The video was 'liked' more than 68,000 times on Tik Tok with many users loving the Massey spirit.


"Love our country, wish I was at that party," said one.

"This is sick, I love NZ and how amazing people are doing stuff like this in lockdown," posted another.

The Covid-19 coronavirus β€” and the associated social distancing that nearly everyone on the planet is being encouraged to practice β€” created a worldwide trend of 'balcony concerts' which started in Italy in mid-March.

Here are some of the best videos.

There were also more upbeat performances β€” including one from a DJ in the city of Palermo who took to his balcony with his equipment to keep the positive energy flowing.