Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says her family might be putting a teddy bear on the window and joining the national wide bear hunt during the lockdown.

New Zealand children in lockdown will be able to partake in a nationwide bear hunt, all while keeping within the rules for alert level 4.

A Kiwi woman has created a nationwide bear hunt for children to take part in while they are in isolation for at least the next four weeks.

New Zealanders are putting teddy bears on their windows to make children smile. Photo / Facebook
New Zealanders are putting teddy bears on their windows to make children smile. Photo / Facebook

Debby Hoffman created the page 'We're Not Scared' - NZ Bear Hunt in a bid to get children to look out for bears in their community while they are getting exercise with their parent or guardian.


People across the country are being asked to place a teddy bear in their window and put a pin on the site's map so children can take part in a safe game while at a distance.

So far the We're Not Scared - NZ Bear Hunt has had more than 10,000 views.

Hoffman told the Herald more than 1000 people from Auckland to Invercargill have dropped pins so children can locate and tick off the teddies they see in different locations.

"I just wanted to give children something to smile about. It's an unsettling time for a lot of people and this can give young ones something to look forward to.

"We want children to get fresh air but still make sure they're staying 2m away from others.

"Putting a teddy in your window means you can play too without stepping outside.

"You never know what a difference your bear will make as people are out and about while maintaining social distancing."

Clarke Gayford shared a video on social media of the teddy bears in the window of Premier House. Video / clarkegayford

In a press conference today, Ardern says Kiwis are welcome to take children for walks in the neighbourhood for fresh air and suggested they try to spot teddy bears on the windows.


"They might look for teddy bears in windows but as they pass people, keep your distance, don't talk to others, just stay within your bubble," she said.

"And if you're in Wellington and you're walking in a local neighbourhood, you might see one in my window."

New Zealanders are being asked to stay home and keep their outings for absolutely essential things, like the supermarket, pharmacy, walking the dog or a walk for fresh air - and only by themselves or with people they are self-isolating with.

If they go for a walk, they must stay within their local community. The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website