Lockdown is a daunting prospect for Masterton woman Mairangi Karaitiana, who said her home was already very crowded.

"I've got six siblings - and they're all under 10 - and then my mum and her partner so I am going to be so annoyed but I've got to live with it."

Student Georgia Ahoy said living in her inner-city apartment with her flatmates for a month was going to be a challenge.


"In my flat, there's six of us and it is an apartment so it is quite small so navigating that's going to be quite fun [but] difficult, but oh well, it is what it is."

She was worried about her friends' mental health.

"Obviously this is a really stressful time and then being told in 48 hours you really aren't allowed outside, you aren't allowed to interact, that's quite a big jump for some people."

Some people were more prepared for working and living from home, like Thorndon man Max Mckeage.

"I've been effectively in self-isolation since 1993, since I became self-employed so it will really be of no consequence to myself but to my wife who is far more gregarious and out and about, it might curtail her activities somewhat."

But for one Canadian student, Laurence Mantha, it remains unclear whether she will be able to get back home.

She has a flight booked for Thursday, after the lockdown comes into force, and was very uncertain about what the future held for her. The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website