A man believed to be in quarantine on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus has come up with a novel way of preventing his beloved pet being cooped up.

Vakis Demetriou posted a video to his Instagram account last week showing him using a remote controlled drone to walk his dog Oliver while he watches from his "locked down" balcony.

Oliver doesn't cover much ground in the 20-second video and it's unlikely Demetriou is actually recommending other people use a similar method to walk their dogs.

It probably wouldn't work if you were to try it with a proper-sized dog as the consumer-grade remote controlled drones wouldn't be strong enough to stop them running off.

The video shows a dog being walked with a lead attached to a drone. Photo / Instagram
The video shows a dog being walked with a lead attached to a drone. Photo / Instagram

He ends the video advising people "stay home to be safe but don't forget your dog's happiness".

Cyprus effectively went in to lockdown on Sunday March 15 after President Nicos Anastasiades announced the island was facing a state of emergency.

At 11.59pm on Wednesday, New Zealand will go into an extreme and unprecedented nationwide lockdown.

All non-essential businesses will be closed and everyone will have to stay at home except for solitary exercise and visiting essential services.

Supermarkets will stay open throughout the four-week lockdown and the supply chain will stay running.

The Government is also in a completely unprecedented situation and so if an answer isn't available, the lockdown taskforce will work to update its advice as and when situations develop.

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