As countless people rally to defend false claims about Quaden Bayles, someone much closer to home has also shut down a bizarre rumour.

Last week the 9-year-old's mum Yarraka Bayles shared a video of Quaden in tears and saying "I just want to die right now" after being bullied at school for having dwarfism.

Quaden Bayles 'real age' claim is a lie - here's the proof
Bullied boy Quaden Bayles reveals names tormentors call him
Quaden Bayles: Internet rallies around bullied 9-year-old after claims about age
Mum of bullied boy Quaden Bayles reacts to conspiracy theory about nine-year-old's age

The heartbreaking footage sparked an incredible response from people around the world, with more than US$469,700 ($740,823) raised to send Quaden and his family to Disneyland.


The schoolboy was also invited to lead out the Indigenous side for the NRL All Stars game on Saturday night.

But at the same time people were supporting Quaden, an ugly theory about his age was spreading on Twitter – and now his loved ones are speaking out.

Sister Guyala Bayles has taken to Instagram to defend her younger brother, describing him as the "smartest" person she knows.

"I say F**K the bullies and the haters! You're the coolest, smartest, strongest and the sweetest kid I know! You're not alone and we're all here for you my bruh," she wrote alongside a heartwarming snap of the two of them together.

Many of her 12,000 followers have flooded the post with support, praising the family for "rising above it".

"The world can be so cruel smh. But those with sense continue to support you and your family. Your mama is a strong woman. Please watch over your little brother. This world needs him," one responded.

"You are the strongest, you are the legend, the world is now standing beside you. We love you, we are your friends," another said.

Guyala, 20, is one of Quaden's two older sisters. Photo / Instagram
Guyala, 20, is one of Quaden's two older sisters. Photo / Instagram

"We love Qauden and he will never be alone .. F**k bullies f**k haters f**k those spreading lies about him and jealous of him being loved ... Qauden RISE above all," one person added.


The 20-year-old is one of Quaden's two elder sisters, and looking at her Instagram, the pair have always been incredibly close.

Back in July 2018, Guyala – who works as a model known as Lala – shared a post with her brother Quaden, describing the pair as having "the strongest bond I've ever felt".

"You bring me laughter, happiness and so much joy! Life would be so boring without you my baby, I have high hopes for your future and I'm so so excited to see what you achieve in your life," she wrote.

In another post, Guyala talked about the strength of their family, including mum Yarraka and twin sister Yilan.

As well as sending her brother a message of support, Guyala also shared some heartwarming clips of her brother getting some star treatment by a hairdresser.