A reality star has shared dramatic before and after photos, taken just five days apart.

Alexandra Cane, a former UK Love Island contestant, shared two strikingly different snaps of her body with her 1.4 million followers "to highlight the reality of what travelling, certain foods and lack of routine can do to your body".

In one photo, Alex is wearing a white crop top with a pair of grey undies and her stomach looks visibly bloated. In the second snap, taken while wearing active wear, the British star has a sculpted six-pack.

"The left picture was taken in Los Angeles last week one afternoon – I get serious water retention and constipation from flying. I was staying in a hotel so I was always dining out and had very limited food options as I couldn't cook my own food or store things in a fridge. I tried to make the best food choices possible but you have no idea how much oil/salt/sugar and other hidden ingredients is added to the dishes and portion sizes etc … regardless of doing my workouts, the bloat was real," she wrote.


She said the situation left her feeling "mentally horrendous" as well as saying she lacked motivation and was extremely tired.

Five days later and back home in England, she revealed she was happier to be cooking her own food and seeing her figure had returned.

"Just goes to show, a week of not-so-mindful eating won't undo what you've been working on for months … you just have to put it behind you, commit to getting back on track and get yourself feeling good and eating more wholesome foods. Don't be too hard on yourself."

Fans were quick to comment on the star's "relatable" post, praising her for sharing her experience.

"Wow. That's unreal. Thanks for sharing the info. Salt definitely is something that needs to be cut out of diet," one said.

"Thank you for sharing this, so true," another wrote.

"Appreciate you keeping it real hun," one added.

Alex has recently embarked on a health and fitness overhaul, losing more than 12kg since her time on the popular dating show in 2018.


She's been documenting her journey on Instagram and recently shared a throwback snap that shows just how far she's come in the three months since she embarked on her healthier lifestyle.

"The best version of me. The effects of this transformation have been just as much internal as they have external … if not more so," she wrote alongside another side-by-side snap.

While one showed her in a swimsuit before she lost weight, another showed her in a bikini as she looks today.

"It's very easy to look at images on social media and assume we know the backstory. I set out on this journey to feel better; I suffered with anxiety, I was unfit, I craved that discipline that I'd had all throughout my childhood from dancing, I was reactive to things and people unnecessarily."

The star now regularly shares snaps of herself in bikinis and was recently named an ambassador for Australian brand Bondi Sands.

She also documents some of her gruelling workouts, inspiring others to push through the challenges even when it feels too tough.