More than $25,000 has been donated to a distraught cat owner who faces a mammoth vet bill after the pet was attacked by a dog in an Auckland reserve.

On January 21, Carley Kaizen's partner was woken to find Alvin crying in immense pain as he struggled to get through the cat flap.

Alvin was discovered with broken bones, vital organs hanging outside his body, swollen muscles and was bleeding badly.

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After three operations, multiple intensive care sessions, oxygen therapy, and other medical needs, the couple faced a $30,000 bill.

As of February 7, when the Herald first reported on Alvin, over $10,000 had been raised on Givealittle - but by 7am today, $25,285 had been donated.

Alvin was attacked across the road at Waiatarua Reserve in Remuera, a place he had played at for more than a year.

Alvin has so far needed three blood transfusions and three surgeries. Photo / Supplied
Alvin has so far needed three blood transfusions and three surgeries. Photo / Supplied

"He didn't have the use of his lower half. One of his femur's completely snapped at the hip," Kaizen earlier told the Herald.

"The reserve across the fence is an on-leash area and one day he came home and the security footage showed he has tried for two hours to get over the fence and into the house."

Following his discovery, the owners rushed Alvin to the emergency vets where they were told it would cost $10,000 but there wasn't a lot of hope he would survive.

However, Alvin is on the mend.

Yesterday, the cat reportedly ate 60g of warmed ID wet food, his vitals were improving and the outlook was looking positive.


"His vet will reassess to determine if his wounds have healed enough to be cared for outside the emergency Vets," an update on his Givealittle page said.

"Some extremely exciting news is that Alvin just started a bit of physio and was able to stand on his own for a few seconds on a yoga mat [better grip]. He can sit down and then get back up which is genuinely amazing.

"Again we thank you all for the love, cares, prayers, and shares for our wee one. He had a long journey ahead and we couldn't be happier."

Kaizen and her partner had their fingers crossed Alvin would be able to come home today.