There's been an odd twist in the story about a legal threat to Harry and Meghan's bid to trademark their Sussex Royal brand.

The pair want to use the name to launch a foundation and make money from branded goods.

Earlier today UK tabloid The Sun reported that an Aussie doctor had registered a "notice of threatened opposition" with the UK Government's Intellectual Property Office (IPO) this week.

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The Sun said the notice was filed by Benjamin Worcester, of Victoria, who was believed to have worked as a doctor in London from 2011 to 2014.

When approached for comment he said he had a "personal" reason to lodge the objection but declined to clarify, the paper reported.

Now it says Worcester has denied registering the complaint and blamed an imposter.

The Sun reported an IPO statement which said: "The IPO has been advised by an individual that their personal details have been used without their permission to submit a 'Notice of threatened opposition' to the Sussex Royal trade mark.

"While we are unable to discuss the specifics of trade mark applications, we are able to advise that we are in the process of rescinding this notice."

Either way the notice has been withdrawn, leaving Harry and Meghan free to trademark the name in the UK, unless further complaints are made.