New Zealand men have ranked lowest in the world for their lovemaking skills.

An online survey from international adult dating site, Saucy Dates, claims when pitted against men from other parts of the world, Kiwi blokes don't stack up.

Adding insult to injury, while New Zealand men sat at the bottom of the list, men from Australia, South Africa and the US ranked the highest in survey findings.

Bemused by the claim, The Hits radio show hosts Stace, Mike and Anika put out a call to see if Kiwi women actually agree with the sorry results about Kiwi lads' bedroom prowess.


Alas, listener feedback only seemed to support the survey's findings.

One caller, Rebecca, revealed that during the 2011 Rugby World Cup held in New Zealand some of her friends decided to have a competition to "sleep their way around the world".

Thanks to the influx of tourists they were able to "get some stamps in the passport" so to speak and their verdict was that Kiwi guys were definitely "rubbish" and didn't measure up to men from overseas.

In fact, Rebecca and her crew thought it was UK men who were "probably the best".

This article originally appeared on The Hits and has been edited and republished with permission.