The internet was officially "broken" earlier this month and this time it wasn't Kim Kardashian's booty that caused it to come crashing down.

YouTube royalty Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star were behind the epic meltdown after the pair released a limited-edition make-up collection, ShaneXJeffree. If you've never heard these two names before, I'm guessing it's because you're over 25 because these American content creators are the creme de la creme of "influencing" and have a nation of young, loyal followers behind them, reports

Jeffree has a whopping 16 million YouTube subscribers who froth over his sassy product reviews and colourful make-up creations while Shane – an actor, script writer, producer and comedian – has an even bigger 23 million followers, who is best-known for his documentary length YouTube videos that explore wild conspiracy theories.

As a result, dedicated beauty fans around the world literally "lost their minds" when the pair revealed they'd teamed up to create this limited-edition run for Jeffree's beauty brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. So much so, every website stocking the items around the world crashed – causing Twitter to freak out.

The palette that earned $52 million in a matter of seconds. Photo / Supplied
The palette that earned $52 million in a matter of seconds. Photo / Supplied

Lucky customers who've managed to get their hands on the range — which included an eyeshadow palette in XL and mini size, six liquid lip colours, a gloss and a lip balm as well as a bunch of accessories — are all raving about it. But it's the $90 "Conspiracy" palette from Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star that everyone is obsessed with.

Despite the fact the internet temporarily came to a grinding halt, it didn't stop the pair earning some huge dollars — a jaw-dropping $52.5m (NZ$55.88 million) — in a matter of seconds on the "Conspiracy" palette, according to a report on

On Instagram there's already over 20,000 posts under the hashtag #shanexjeffree and another 23,000 using #conspiracypalette, all from squealing make-up fans excitedly unboxing and trying out the highly-sought after palette.