A woman has revealed the clever way she got rid of mould in her bathroom using a cheap $2 item.

Posting to the Facebook group Cleaning Tips & Tricks, the British woman explained how she used cotton wool which will set you back just a few dollars and bleach to get her tub looking brand new again.

The before and after photos show a thick layer of black mould in the corners of the wall behind her tub.

After taking tips from members of the group who advised she soak cotton wool in bleach and leave it overnight, the woman was shocked to discover it actually worked.


Her original post immediately generated hundreds of comments from cleaning fans sharing their tips.

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"Bleach will dye it back to white. Distilled vinegar will kill the roots of the mould, spray it with vinegar after every shower and bleach it overnight until it goes," one woman commented.

"Kitchen roll soaked in raw bleach then scruple it up and stick it on, that's the best way I've found to do mine," another commented.

"Spray bleach on it and leave cotton balls or toilet paper on it and let it set for 12 hours," said a third.

The woman then shared after images of the mould-free looking tub, with an update to her original status that read: "Thank you to everyone who has commented!!!! I used cotton wool and bleach and have attached photos of the results. Wow! Thank you!

A Facebook user was initially sceptical of the hack until she saw the images.

"Wow that's amazing! I've tried bleach countless times but never on cotton wool," the woman wrote.


The member who shared the update responded by saying she too was the same.

"I couldn't believe it when I took the cotton wool off this morning! Absolutely amazing."

It's not the first time cleaning fans have lost it over a clever hack.

Earlier this year, a woman shared her impressive before and after shots of her beige sofa after giving it a good scrub using a cheap denture cleaner called Poliden.

It was praised by a number of different users of the Facebook group, Mums Who Clean, who say it's transformed their mucky kitchen tiles, revitalised old couches and even wiped out nasty odours from smelly shoes.

After mixing three of the tablets with some warm water in a spray bottle, the woman said she let the solution soak in for five minutes before scrubbing the sofa "hard" with a dish wash brush — using a towel to absorb the dirty water.

"It has come out great," she wrote, alongside the impressive photos. "Our sofa is about five or six years old and this is the first time we've cleaned it."

The mum repeated this trick until the towel came back clean, using three bottles of water and nine tablets in total to make her sofa look as good as new.

The mastermind of multi-millionaire sponge company Scrub Daddy, Mr Aaron Krause, said it seemed like a natural extension for the product.

"I am not surprised that a product such as Polident is being used successfully in an application outside of its intended use," Mr Krause told news.com.au, adding the effervescing effect in the item helps "lift" and remove stains.