The price of avocados has been smashed to their lowest in almost three years, and the price of other fruit and veges are also falling.

Stats New Zealand says avocado prices are down to $7.50 a kilogram from a record high in May this year of $28.

Tomato, lettuce and cucumber prices all fell more than 20 per cent between September and October, but strawberries and potatoes were up.


Food prices overall increased 2.5 per cent in the year to October.

"Bacon prices continued to increase following the outbreak of African swine fever in China, up 24 per cent in the year ending October, to a weighted average price of $13.37 per 700g," Stats NZ acting consumer prices manager Fiona Smillie said.

Ham prices rose 22 per cent for the year ended October, to a weighted average price of $14.28 per kilogram.

"Not all meat, poultry, and fish prices have seen substantial increases this year. Chicken breast decreased 2.2 per cent, to a weighted average price of $12.51 per kilogram,"
Smillie said.

Cheese prices rose 6 per cent in the last year, eggs up 4 per cent, and cakes and biscuits up 7 per cent.