An 8-year-old student who desperately needed to use the toilet was allegedly forced to pee himself in front of the classroom after denied a bathroom break.

The boy's mother, Sonia Mongol, is reportedly suing the Los Angeles Unified School District after the incident at Manhattan Place Elementary School in South Los Angeles in November last year.

According to KABC, it is claimed the boy asked his teacher to use the bathroom, but he was refused access. After he asked again, the student was told to pee in the classroom's bin.

"Instead of just letting him go, the teacher told him to urinate in a trash can that was in the classroom and in front of his classmates," the family's lawyer told reporters last week.

The boy then ended up urinating on himself, causing his clothes to go damp, according to the lawsuit.


The teachers have also been accused of "making an example" of him by forcing the student to wear two rubbish bags over his drenched clothes until the end of the day when he asked for help.

"He went to another teacher to try to receive help and she proceeded to place a garbage bag on him to make an example out of him of what you should not do at school, instead of calling us and saying 'can you please bring him a change of clothes'," his mum told reporters.

According to the family's lawsuit, the boy was humiliated again in March this year when he was allowed out of the classroom for a bathroom break, but locked out when he tried to get back in.

Mongol said her son has since transferred to a different school, but the mental wounds have yet to fade.

"He doesn't understand why when he went to adults for help they would do this to him, so it's had a lasting effect on him," she said.

Mongol claimed she was never notified by the school about the incident, the school district said it reported the matter to law enforcement when it was first notified, and the incident is now the subject of an administrative investigation.

The mother is reportedly seeking damages for extreme negligence and creating a hostile environment.