A man has gone viral after sharing the creative way a good samaritan managed to return his lost wallet back to him.

Tim Cameron posted on Twitter about how he lost his wallet on his way home from work.

He said he had nothing in his wallet that could be used to contact him.

A man called Simon spotted the wallet, picked it up and found Cameron's bank card inside.


With no other way of obtaining information about the wallet's owner, Simon came up with a clever way to get in touch.

He used his online banking account to make four 1p transactions to Cameron's account, using the space reserved for the reference number to write him messages.

"Hi, I found your wallet in the road. Text or call!" the messages read, with Simon's phone number included.

His tweet has gone viral, with people praising the good samaritan for his ingenuity.

"This took creativity. Love seeing these acts of kindness. Thanks for sharing," one person replied.

"Great to know there are still fabulous people out there who actually care. Bravo," someone else said.

Cameron said in a subsequent tweet that he hasn't paid Simon the 4p back but has sent him a bottle of red wine to thank him.