Move over Caramilk, it looks like there's a new favourite chocolate on the Australian block.

In September Cadbury announced it would be launching a limited edition range of Pascall's Pineapple Lumps blocks in New Zealand.

But the fact that the cult treat was combining with Cadbury chocolate for a special run in New Zealand, it left Australian fans disappointed — until now.

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In what seems to be either the actions of an international chocolate-smuggling ring or just a stealth marketing move by Cadbury (we're going to guess it's the latter), Pascall Pineapple Lumps chocolate blocks have been popping up in Australian stores this week. was among the first to spot the limited edition chocolate blocks in grocery stores, while eagle-eyed shoppers have also shared their finds on social media.


Last month Cadbury confirmed it would be bringing back Caramilk after overwhelming customer feedback.

"We've listened to the tens of thousands of Aussies asking us to bring Cadbury Caramilk back," Cadbury marketing manager Katrina Watson said.

"We couldn't ignore their passion for our golden chocolate block, so we're proud to be bringing it back."

Cadbury's Caramilk, a hybrid caramel and white chocolate bar, was part of the chocolate brand's line-up in New Zealand and Australia until it was discontinued in 1994.

It came back in Australian supermarkets for a limited run in early 2018, however blocks of the precious golden chocolate were hard to come by.

However in New Zealand, the Caramilk was brought back to Kiwi shelves from September.