Babysitters have taken to Reddit to reveal the shocking dark side of what goes on behind closed doors.

Real life horror stories have been shared on the online forum - and include everying from being shown sex toys and illegal drugs - to walking in on parents cheating.

One former babysitter from Louisiana said they previously worked for a racist family with shaved heads and a secret Nazi room.

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"This family I babysat for had a locked room in their basement that, when I opened it one time out of curiosity, had a lot of Nazi stuff in it," they shared.

"I talked to their kid about races and it seemed like they were raising him in a way that seemed [neo-Nazi-esque]. I didn't work with them much after that."

Numerous babysitters also shared tales of discovering parents drug stashes.

"I was babysitting once and the kids were wrestling in the living room. All of a sudden the smell of dank filled the room. I hear the kids stop and say 'What is that?'," wrote one.

"One of them had knocked over a big tin can on a shelf and the parents weed stash spilled everywhere. I sent the kids away and cleaned it all up for them and put it back."

Another stumbled across a parent's hidden cocaine stash when she was searching for a child's toy - the child had been told it was "bags of sugar".

"I put everything back where it was and left the room. When the parents got back l I took the cash and never babysat there again."

A male babysitter revealed when the woman he assumed was a single mum would return home after her night out, he would have sex with her - later discovering she was actually married.


"So her nice house and expensive car were paid for by her husband, while I was boning his wife and bonding with his daughter while he was done," he admitted.

Another babysitter found out years later that the reason she babysat children from numerous families all at once was because the parents were out attending swinger parties.

"I didn't care though, I got triple the pay."