A South Carolina husband who became enraged when his wife's lunch had the word "b***h" on it later learned that it actually read "BLT with cheese".

In a Facebook post gone viral, Robert Wilson Barnes, of Greenville, shared the lead-up to his complaint about his wife Colleen O'Reilly Barnes' order when he spotted what he thought was a bad word on the Jimmy John's sandwich.

"So, after leaving the drive-thru today, my wife took her sandwich out of the bag and we see THIS! Seriously? Oh, not today, not today!" he posted.

Barnes stormed into the fast-food restaurant and demanded to speak to the manager while asking the "confused" looking server for an explanation.


"I pointed at the writing on the sandwich and demanded that he tells me why someone felt the need to write it on my wife's sandwich," Barnes wrote.

That is when Barnes found out he had misread what he thought was a offensive word as it was actually an abbreviation for the type of sandwich it was - bacon, lettuce and tomato with cheese.

The server told him: ''Because you ordered a BLT with cheese?' To which I replied, '...Oh.''

"Are you freakin' serious? So, after leaving the drive thru today, my wife took her sandwich out of the bag and we see...

Posted by Robert Wilson Barnes on Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Since sharing the post on September 10, it has received more than 150,000 comments and 74,000 shares.

Many Facebook users found the post "hilarious" and agreed that it was a very funny incident.

"That's really funny, you should have told them to write the words not the letters because when I look at it, I got another word hahaha," one person wrote.

Another said: "Imagine if this was for real."

"Nah that was also subliminal lol there are other ways to write that lol," one person added.