A Sydney mum has shocked a group online after posting a photo of the gift she made her son for his 18th birthday.

The mum from Sydney bought a cookie jar and filled it with "goodies" for her son's 18th birthday, later posting a picture of the handmade present in a Facebook group for mums who shop at Kmart.

The mum decided to gift her son with a swag of adults-only items, including small bottles of hard liquor, chewing gum, cash and a number of different types of condoms.

But commenters wondered whether the gift was appropriate for a mum to give to her son, according to Yahoo.


One commenter called it "distasteful" and another said receiving the gift would be an awkward experience for the teenager.

"You bought your son a variety of condoms for his birthday? Is it just me or is that weird," one woman commented.

But a dad commenting on the group, had a different take, praising the idea, calling it "awesome yet simple".

"I'm definitely using this one," he said.

"I too have an open relationship with my four boys and the condoms are a good idea. We have to teach them it's our duty as parents."