A Scottish man has hilariously lost the plot with Amazon's Alexa after it refused to change a song.

In a video posted by Tracey McGuinness, her mum's fiance Billy struggles to get the music device to work properly.

The 64-year-old asked Alexa to play music by John Lennon, but instead, Alexa insisted on playing the Bee Gees hit, How Deep Is Your Love.

After losing his patience, Billy can be heard shouting at Alexa saying: "Are you listening to me? I'm supposed to be talking to you."


He added: "Alexa, can you do me a favour please? Turn this to John Lennon please if you don't mind. Christ almighty.

"Alexa could you turn John Lennon on please. You've got the f*****g Bee Gees on and I don't like them.

"Listen listen listen, I'm talking to you. We're paying for this s***e".

The video has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

Talking to the Daily Record, Tracey said she thought Billy was talking to her mum, having a bit of banter.

"He'd had a few pints and eventually I realised he was talking to the Alexa - this had been going on for around 10 minutes before I started filming!

"He's really doesn't do technology - he doesn't even text - but he's been trying to get to grips with it.