Warning: Graphic content

The Duchess of York famously had hers sucked but it is fair to say the toes featured in this viral video inspire an altogether different set of feelings.

In the hugely satisfying video, which has racked up thousands of views online, a dedicated podiatrist meticulously tackled a set of thick and infected toenails.

Dr Binh Nguyen isn't a stranger to looking at unsightly feet, but when a patient turned up to Healthy Feet Podiatry in Tampa, Florida, in March, he was faced with a huge task.



Describing the case as "an unfortunate circumstance", Dr Nguyen doesn't identify his patient but points out that the nails haven't been cut for a while and asks if she has been off her feet.

As the nails had been neglected for years, the patient's toenails had not only curled over on themselves but also built up on top of each other.

Podiatrist Tackles Thick Infected Toenails. Video / Youtube

Using heavy duty nail cutters, Dr Nguyen, 33, painstakingly and carefully cut and chiselled through the thick layers of skin for more than 25 minutes to get them somewhere near a healthy pedicure.

Dr Nguyen tells the patient that it should be easier for her to get her socks on after the procedure.

Dr Nguyen said: "I feel huge sense of relief and joy in helping patients like this.

"Some patients don't feel the process, but others, especially those with thick toenails do feel a bit of pain to the pressure applied.

"The longer and thicker the nails, the longer the process takes."