A mind-boggling video reminiscent of a famous optical illusion has sparked a furious debate online β€” is it a raven or a rabbit?

Dan Quintana, a biological psychiatry researcher at the University of Oslo, shared a video on Twitter on Monday of him stroking an animal.

"Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose," he captioned the post.

At first, it looks like he is scratching a raven's head, but the caption caused a hilarious discussion online as the video speaks similarly to the duck or rabbit phenomenon.


However, some believed it was a raven, sharing ironic photos of their pet rabbits as well.

The pet owner eventually eased the minds of those wondering what species it was, revealing it was indeed a raven.

"The animal is a bird, as you can see a translucent nictitating membrane when it blinks, which sweeps across the eye horizontally, he said.

"When it comes to the actual species of bird, I'm pretty confident that it is a white-necked raven."